Copper Sunsets

No tools yet, but more retail therapy. Sorry, not sorry.

And the stunning sunset up here just make my hands itch to frame some of these stones in copper. The inspiration is sporadically getting through and I’m starting some sketching in my notebook. However, when it comes to drawing, I am no artist. Maybe one day, I’ll either get better or just share in a weak moment!


P.S. The default font just seemed too small. Better?

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I'll need a Stump

I lost a tree in the yard today from high winds. No property damage, thank goodness. I like to recycle and desperately need a stump for my workspace,but this one isn't quite big enough.

I had to leave my old stump behind. It was eucalyptus, not the best choice, but it did the job well and it was free! Stumps are used for carving forms, hammering metal, and perfect for placing my anvil to use metal stamps. I'm on the lookout for a new one!

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Shopping Therapy

You might think that, being of rational mind, I would be patiently waiting for my tools and supplies. In a way, I am, but I also admit to some shopping therapy. This is the latest I’ve received: some new cabs.

And then, there are the tools. The long ones are made for ring bands and the round ones will make charms, accents on pendants, or even ring focals. The only limit is imagination.

Getting my work out of storage would save me money in all sorts of ways!


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The Start of a Work Space

Life presents us with all sorts of priorities. While tools and materials can be stored in PODs, plants and animals cannot. So, we drove from California to Washington (three days) with our two large dogs and every plant I could fit. I also toted a HUGE bowl that will eventually house the two golden mountain cloud fish I also brought along.

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The Return of the Muse

Forest bathing is a thing now. The practice was alive and well in the 80’s, we just called it tree hugging. Bottom line, most folks would benefit from some time just sitting in and absorbing nature in the forest.

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Cleaning your Copper Jewelry

Oxidizing (commonly called “tarnish”) can give copper a darker patina, often deliberately done by jewelers to highlight designs in the metal or wirework.  Colors can also be applied to copper by flame, acids, inks, etc. Some of these may have a lacquer coating applied to protect the patina. It is best to check with the jeweler if you don't know if it's coated.

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Cleaning your Sterling Silver Jewelry

While StoneWyre jewelry comes in a tarnish resistant gift box, silver can still tarnish over time and need to be cleaned. Different pieces lend themselves to different methods. Here are my own methods for cleaning my inventory and my personal sterling silver jewelry.

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Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

Going to Tucson in Spring is a gem and bead lovers paradise. Well worth the two-day drive for me...and leaving at the crack of doom.

Getting there is half the fun. The scenery is a bit different from what I'm used to. No redwoods, oaks, or eucalyptus in Arizona!

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