Forest bathing is a thing now. The practice was alive and well in the 80’s, we just called it tree hugging. Bottom line, most folks would benefit from some time just sitting in and absorbing nature in the forest.

The other day, I drove over to sit in the woods. I was lazy and didn’t even get out of the car. Well, don’t blame me. The seat was comfy, the window was down, and all was quiet except for the sounds of the breeze in the leaves and the occasional tweeting of birds. I leaned back and soaked it in. I could feel the stress leave my shoulders. I could feel my heart rate settle.

And the long-absent muse returned. As I looked ahead into the trees, I saw shapes and shadows. In my brain, they transformed to frames around pendants and the bands of rings. Earrings dangled down. I did not grab my notebook to sketch. I just let the images wash over me. The forest is near if I need the inspiration to come again or if I just crave some peace and quiet.

My belongings are still packed in several PODs. No bench. No tools. No materials. My new house isn’t yet ready to be fully moved in to yet (more on that later). It doesn’t matter. I will get my materials soon and I will make again.

The thought makes me very happy.


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