Life presents us with all sorts of priorities. While tools and materials can be stored in PODs, plants and animals cannot. So, we drove from California to Washington (three days) with our two large dogs and every plant I could fit. I also toted a HUGE bowl that will eventually house the two golden mountain cloud fish I also brought along.

Said plants are gradually making their way indoors, but many are enjoying hanging out in the garage on my work tables where one day (soon, I hope) I will be making jewelry. The few that I was able to put outside will have to be moved in soon, as it gets much colder (and windier) here.

My actual jewelry bench and work stool is here and unadorned with plants. The workspace and I wait patiently until it is time to unload the rest of the PODs.


Ahhh, soon it will feel like

Ahhh, soon it will feel like home.

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