Copper Sunsets

No tools yet, but more retail therapy. Sorry, not sorry.

And the stunning sunset up here just make my hands itch to frame some of these stones in copper. The inspiration is sporadically getting through and I’m starting some sketching in my notebook. However, when it comes to drawing, I am no artist. Maybe one day, I’ll either get better or just share in a weak moment!


P.S. The default font just seemed too small. Better?

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Shopping Therapy

You might think that, being of rational mind, I would be patiently waiting for my tools and supplies. In a way, I am, but I also admit to some shopping therapy. This is the latest I’ve received: some new cabs.

And then, there are the tools. The long ones are made for ring bands and the round ones will make charms, accents on pendants, or even ring focals. The only limit is imagination.

Getting my work out of storage would save me money in all sorts of ways!


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