Handcrafted minimalist red copper earrings

Handcrafted Red Copper Earrings Rustic Minimalist

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These lovely red rectangle earring dangles are solid copper! The red is very special--it's not a patina, it's simply copper that's been heated to red hot to create a permanent red color, sometimes with shadows of purple or other colors. No polishing required. It won't tarnish. The ear wires are sterling silver and hang approximately 1-1/4". These are entirely handmade from a sheet of raw copper and sterling silver wire using a saw and various hammers, cutters, files, pliers, a torch, along with care and patience.

The pair pictured has found a new home. Yours will be made especially for you and will be similar, but unique. A photo can be provided prior to shipment; just ask!

Note that monitors may display colors differently.